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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 19, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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coming in. how wet it lot get in your neighborhood. and numerous businesses targeted by vandals. what has some believing it was premeditated. bay area news coverage starts now. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening. it's tuesday, march 19th. this is bay area news at 7:00. the bay area's business to host an upcoming super bowl may hang in the bands. live outside a special counciling session where some say the city should say no. >>reporter: i just stepped out of the council meeting, where it's supposed to get starting soon. there are people here on both sides of the issue, who are ready to weigh in. >>reporter: the work is about
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75% done. the bay area is building a case to host the super bowl l. >> i think we should do anything and everything to get that here. >>reporter: the bay area did host the super bowl once in 1985. it's now competing with miami. the nfl is requesting that the host assume financial responsibilities. tonight, the council is voting on whether or not to success that. the nfl requested that santa clara wave a hotel tax for nfl teams and staff, eliminate and ticket surcharge and a fee were off-site parking. >> it's not fiscally responsible. >>reporter: opponents say they should not have to bear the cost. >> why is a corporation like the
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nfl asking a small city to bare this burden. >>reporter: the bay area agreed to reimburse the city of santa clara for police and fire coverage. >> the city wanted to make sure that the super bowl related expenses that the city incurs are taken care of and that the city ends up not holding the bag. >> opponents are skeptical that the city doesn't have the money. >> what if they don't have the flown reimburse. >>reporter: miami said they will not wave the tax. they will hear. the before they vote tonight. the niners super bowl committee will deliver a plan in march. if the bay area loses out for super bowl l, it will go up against houston for super bowl
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li. final announcement is expected to be made may 22nd. turning to the weather, we've been tracking a system, bringing rain to the bay area. let's take a look at it and see how it's starting to come in. this is new video. rosemary joins us now with more. >> earlier today, i want to show you right around 4:00 or 5:00, we began to see the light showers on storm tracker 2 and moderate to heavy rains slid around the peninsula. right now it's over the east bay and died down just a little bill. there's still good rain falling is long 880. if i put on the tracker, you can see anywhere from .32 fall an
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hour. this was along the peninsula and will continue to move east in the next half hour. we've got about a 24 hour win die where we will see off and on rain at times. i'll show you what the expect coming up . to our continuing coverage of a fatal officer-involved shooting. we learned the person shot to death was a person of interest in a homicide. the sheriff said the police officers tried to stop two men a stolen white honda at about 6:40 last night. an officer on foot opened fire when the driver accelerated toward him. the woman, who tells us the suspect was her brother, says the family is sad and angry. >> they didn't have to shoot him and kill him. >> any idea why the police were wants to talk to him in the first place 1234. >> i don't know. i don't know anything. they didn't have to kill my brother. >> authorities have not named
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the driver. investigators say the passenger in the stolen vehicle is cooperating. a mother and her toddler were rescued this afternoon after their car went down a hillside. the honda civic went off near vista ridge drive after 12:45 this afternoon. the rescue workers climbed down the embankment and managed to get them out. they were taken to the hospital. the child was strapped into her car seat. one oakland neighborhood is dealing with a growing problem, vandals destroying businesses and property. some business owners are calling on an unlikely source for help. >> 17th street between franklin and webster and oak lands bustles with diners and shoppers during the day. sometimes at night, different visitors come with a purpose. >> the glue was sprayed into the
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lock. >>reporter: over the weekend, someone sprayed the padlocks with glue. >> this is something someone actually would have had toll brought something with them, preplanning. >>reporter: there's been plenty of vandalism. >> they've done this every day [ indiscernible ]. >>reporter: police told me they received no reports the after this glue attack. >> it's a lot of security walking around in the daytime and they care and do what they can. we need someone at night. >>reporter: this woman is looking for help elsewhere. >> at this point, we need the black panthers, whoever can come out and help. >>reporter: the city council member says something have to change. >> we've tolerate food much negative behavior. we talk about it, complain about it. we need to support our law enforcement. >>reporter: this is not the only
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area looking to the hell's angles for help. this council member says the angles are coming to his district to weekend to help clean up. taxi drivers showed up in droves, both inside and outside san francisco city hall tonight outraged about what they call an unlevel playing field. city leaders were meeting to vote on the plan that zapped real time information on caps so people can hail them using a mobile app. first they heard from cab drivers, demanding regulations. they also expressed concerns about a proposal to allow hundreds of more cabs in the next years. >> before you guys started flooding the streets there, were enough drivers to cover shifts. there aren't anymore. if you have a broken leg, i have to show up. >> why should we follow these rules when we can go get a pink
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mustache and ignore the rules. >> drivers said they're making 50% yet. droves are for the next big thing in the aerospace industry. in sacramento, law makers heard from the military experts about the civilian use of drones. the u.s. marine corps has issued a moratorium after seven marines were killed last night. this happened last night. officials say a 60 millimeter mortar exploded unexpectedly, killing the men and injuring others. investigators are looking into whether the marines followed proceed yours and whether there was a malfunction in the weapon
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or not. today marks the 10th anniversary of u.s. invasion of iraq. organizers in the bay area are reflecting on war. demonstrators displayed names of the military men killed during the war. >> the marines in our battalion did not make it home and i did not see a liberation of iraq. i saw an occupation. >> the crosses on this hillside honor the 4500 servicemen who died in the eight-year conflict. san francisco's mayor wants california 's medical marijuana industry to come under the regulation of the state's department of alcohol and beverage control. it would mandate the abc police
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the entire chain. the spokesman says it hasn't taken the a position on the bill. a palo alto drug maker is in financial trouble and laying off 70% of it workforce. they are considering merging with another company or selling to another company. cuts mean some 230 people will lose jobs. shares in the company fell by more than half following today's lay off announcements. stocks is were flat. the dow finished a has higher, while the nasdaq lost eight. it has been clear eded for twin keys and -- twing keys can and -- twinkees and other cakes to
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return to the stores this summer. san francisco city attorney is callingen to fda to regulate the marketing of energy drinks. dennis herrera joined 18 scientists in urging the u.s. food and drug administration to take action, such as requiring of printing of caffeine fingerprinting on labels. last year the fda closed that deaths are possibly linked to the beverages. it's one of specific's post popular events but the organization that runs it is in missing in objection. an outrageous outburst inside a courtroom that pours salts in the rooms of victims' family members. and san francisco's tie to
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. investigators say a car fire is suspicious. an employee arriving for work there call eded firefighters when he saw the car. the license plate on the car was destroyed. world fameous berkeley restaurant will remain closed indefinitely as repairing are being made following fire. the restaurant has pushed back the dates twice. the owner said the second date was too optimistic. both the top and bottom levels will have to be rebuilt.
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in san francisco, a popular tradition could be endanger and while the city tries to figure out what went wrong, the community is coming together to help save carnival. >>reporter: every year for the past 34 years, hundreds of thousands of people have been blocking to the mission to watch carnival this. year's carnival scheduled for may 25 and 26 is in jeopardy and may can canceled this. man helped organize it for years and is trying to help save it. they need to find 500,000 volunteers the and raise 170,000 volunteers. >> we're looking for angles to help us out. >>reporter: it's unclear what went wrong. the organization running it did
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not return our calls can and the offers was dark and locked up today. the city is looking into the organization's finances. >> you review the information, review their backs and that you, you know, get to the got of what took place. >>reporter: owners say they count on the events. >> it brings in a lot of money and helps the economy. >> what we want to do is make sure people know the event is happening this year. >>reporter: the new organizations say that the large festival will be scaled back. >> we're not going to have seven stages. what we're going to go is go back to the way it started. >>reporter: residents gathered this evening to help organize and raise money. proposed ban on assault weapons has little chance of surviving. it will not be part of the
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initial gun control measure that will be debated this month. the senator was told today that the band will be offered as an amendment. it is expected to be met with solid opposition from republicans. a new hand book has a death to the laws of war to cyber space. the manual was created at the request of a nato sink tanking to show how hospitals and neutral nations can be protected in the case of warfare. apple today launch and update to its ios operating system. it fixes a flaw that allows unauthorized users to get around the password lock screen on iphones, ipads, and itouches. e-bay is lowering seller's
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fees in an effort to compete with amazon. high volume sellers will now be sent to flat rate fees. low volume sellers will be allowed to list for free. family of victims in an hoe -- ohio shooter's actions today. he was giving three life sentences for shoot ingings in 2002. 12. -- 2012. vatican city saw huge crowds
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today for the pope francis. >>reporter: pope francis rolled into an open vehicle, allowing him to kiss children and shake hands. he spoke of serving the porest and wakeness -- poorest and weakest. >>reporter: we are all protectors of creations. >>reporter: vice president biden was in attendance as well as nancy pelosi. they patched as the pope receive received two symbolic emblems as his role of the leader of the catholic church. his ring has ties to san francisco. >> the ring he chose was a ring
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designed by an artist who did the majority of the works here. our community is excited about that. >>reporter: nearby as a church. >>reporter: -- >> he walks among the people and talks to the people and recognizes the issues he's dealing with. >>reporter: for many in the bay area, this day of installation was about feeling connected to a pope who seems to pride himself on being accessible. it appears trouble ss keeping the carnival triumph to from reporting to seas. carnival has the had a bad few weeks. a routine stop becomes
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anything but. the surprise police got today. and wet weather makes it bay area right now. we'll see how soon we can expect things to dry out.
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demolition experts destroyed a bridge in texas today. this was the second bridge to be blowed up in hours. it's coming down outside right now, rain, right? >> yes. if you've watching inside your home, it's probably pretty cool. if you're stuck on the highways, not so good. it's going to be a little hectic out there over the next 24 hours. we have scattered showers in the forecast and we're seeing rain move through the bay area. half moon bay peopled up a couple .01. it's due to this cell right here as it continues to trek. we've got light to moderate rain, the rates anywhere from a .3 per her. but this is going to continue to move east. it's not going to just sit here.
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at the moment, this is where we're seeing pretty good rain, down into oakland and piedmont and into the san ramone valley. the scattered showers going to continue for today. i'm going to back this way up, show you all the moisture that will feed into the area. we're not expecting it to be with us the entire evening. it's going to trail off and welcome back tomorrow. let me show you what's happening. it's widespread over this hour. into the overnight hours, mostly cloudy, perhaps a few sprinkles. the 7:00 hour, the drive won't be too bad. the roadways will be slick. we'll see scattered showers in the forecast. by 10:00, more of a steady rain. by noontime, it's in the central bay barely. into the afternoon, scattered showers still in the forecast
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for now at 3:00. it takes the into day before it gets out. temperatures for us tomorrow, not too bad. we'll see anywhere from .10 of an inch to a half inch in most casings. we start out the door tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 40s. afternoon highs, upper 50s to low 60s. there's your you can tended forecast. showers -- your extended forecast. we're dry on thursday and dry around warm in the weekend. >> thank you. a couple of police officers in kalamazoo got quite the surprise this morning when they checked out a suspicious vehicle. look at that video. the officers open up the trunk and out pops a deer. it stumbled around and takes the off. the owner said he hit the door by accident and was going to take it home for food.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time the news breaks. our coverages continues at 10:00. we'll continue to track showers across the bay area. we're always here for you on tmz is next.
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